EST 080222
[!] ENTRY END: -1252

cont. [GRANTED]


REPORT NOTES: 169b0ba5e1 is avoiding eye contact. Jumps in thoughts and connection seem likely. Today's thought catalogue was severely disconnected - there was almost no cohesive process in thought. Despite this, he seemed well enough. Neuron activity recorded.

[+13] [-PC]

169b0ba5e1. Ugh today has been like...honestly OK it couldve been a lot worse. So *** isn't coming in today (I thought **/* was coming inlater but Not anymore soo) which is ok. i just hate all the walking about to and from places. I still haven't had lunch because I don't want to eat in the library...And lunch is nearly over, anyways. I have a free period after, so I'll be here for like 2 hours T_T. Tbh I don't even mind I'd rather be here than lesson. My hair looks kinda bad today but I'm dealing with it. Though I don't know why people can't mind their BUSINESS omg bc these random two boys came into the library (i might know them idk) but then one of them came out as bi to the other guy and then they start FUCISHS talking about me and if it's the one I know it could've been about something in my past I would rather not remember nor divulge. ANyways I was sitting there like wtf (because i could see them very obviously looking at me and made a point not to look up. But thats fine. Help,ssAnyways I hd English first period which is OK atm I'm good at english so ~~ plus we got an extension on the exam so I'll be taking it after half term wooo. I hve spychology last and I hope nobody's in again because omg i cant eb bothered. Rn i should revise german grammar. I just had m speaking tjhng with ******* and i DIDNT like her at first because i didnt pay attention in her lessons and it seeed rlly boring but NOW i hav emy stuff upped so i don't mind and now i listen and talk to ***** SO THATS PRETTY COOL! Yeah thta's good. Yass. I should revise german gammaar.w,mw.d Um. No i might make a personal page now because i keep scroling through activity and seieng websites that look so cute and I wanna just dump random stuff somewhere so i may make a new accoubt that would be a lot of fun. SO ya. Like where else am I gonna put my list of stuff to do wgen im understimulated or how to improve my reflexes or observational skils . Exactly. checkmate liberals